What is a better life?

What is a better life?

Everyone wants a better life, but what exactly is a better life?

For some, it’s just having accessibly clean water , for others it’s having enough food to eat.

Since I already have basic food, water, shelter and clothing covered, here are my 5  major things:


I don’t want to eat crap.

A bad life for me, is one where I am forced to eat processed foods, or to save money by not buying what I want to eat just because it’s expensive.

Living on beans, potatoes and rice is not my die of a good life, nor is having to eat pet food or even junk food.


There’s no point in having money or having a good life without good health. Not being able to breathe well, feel good, tired all the time.. these are things that people take for granted, because they already are in good health.

I want to be able to see a doctor and a dentist if anything is wrong with me.


This one varies for me. If I need a car because I live in the boondocks, then I’m goshdarnit going to buy one. If I don’t need a car because the public transportation is a far better option than having a car, paying for parking and so on, then I’d rather just take the bus or subway.

The reason why I say accessible transportation is a big deal, is because if I were to buy groceries or anything heavy, I don’t want to have to take 3 buses to lug it up to my home each week.

I want something that will be easier on my body and my quality of life.


If I were to live in the middle of nowhere, I’d like to be able to see friends and family on occasion, so I’d need to be able to travel to see them.

Calling and emailing is fine, but being in-person is far better. It also ends up being a vacation, so that’s great 🙂


Not being a slave to your work, or to fill your life with so many things to do, is what I want. I want FREE TIME to just laze around, read a book, or just stare at the sky. It’s nice when I can just shut down the laptop on a whim and decide to go on a walk with BF.

Naturally, all of the above requires money and savings, but rather than thinking of it as a number to reach, or a salary to make, it makes it easier to see why I’m saving the way I do.

With all of the above, I have a great life as it is. It can only get better!

What would make your life a better life right now?

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