Active cellphone calls are killing bees

Scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones are to blame. Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also leads to their death.

Over 83 experiments have yielded the same results.

With virtually most of the population of the United States (and the rest of the world) owning cell phones, the impact has been greatly noticeable.

Via Inhabitat

It’s only when you’re on the cellphone that they get confused. Idle or turned off cellphones don’t do anything.

This is making me really really sad.

I rarely use my cellphone (I prefer landlines), but to hear that my active calls (if any) are driving bees to SUICIDE, makes me so upset.

Without bees we wouldn’t have fruits or veggies, flowers.. they’re a big freaking deal.

One of the most important and influential in the whole Animal & Insect Kingdom and we’re killing them.

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