How to deal with sentimental items you don’t want to let go

Everyone has things that they can’t let go.

Want to see one of mine? This huge, honking, child-sized teddy bear from Ikea that didn’t cost more than perhaps $20.

I named him “Mr. Bear” when I first got him and he holds a lot of memories for me.

That said, Mr. Bear is HUGE and it would take up the full carry-on space, but I can’t get rid of it.

Luckily, I leave it at my parents’ for the grandkids to play with, so it isn’t so bad.

He’s serving a purpose for the next 5 years at least, but when the kids are older, then what?

Method #1: Take a photo of it

If you take photos from every angle you wish, you will look at the pictures and feel the same sentimentality or the rush of memories coming back.

Could even do a digital scrapbook of the items.

A teddy bear isn’t a good example, but if you have a pom pom from high school these are things that are probably not going to be used any longer or be meaningful.

I have gotten rid of a lot of little miscellaneous junk (scraps of paper, plastic hat) over the years because even though they held a lot of great memories for me, the items themselves were JUNK.

Method #2: Give it away to someone else who can use it

…..but go visit it once in a while. 🙂

I do this with Mr. Bear. He stays at my parents’ place and the kids LOVE him. My parents leave the bear at their place so that they have something to play with, but the kids don’t bring him home.

Yes, that’s right. I am telling you to de-clutter by cluttering up someone else’s home.

(Just teasing.)

Method #3: Sell it! (If you can)

Maybe the money from the item will convince you, and be better used elsewhere like going on vacation and making more memories!

What methods of dealing with sentimentality do you use?


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