Do you buy more just because it’s a better deal?

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A way I cut down on buying what I don’t need is trying to recognize when I am buying more just because it’s on sale.

For instance, we bought some porto the other day to cook with, and we picked up the small bottle for $13, but we lingered over the 50% larger bottle for $2 more.

I mean, 50% more porto for $2 more!? How could you say no?

In the end, we decided all we needed was the small bottle for the food, and extra porto, while nice, was not what we needed. As we were walking home, I thought more about it:

How many times in my life have I bought the larger bottle just because it was a better deal?

Not because I actually needed it?

Sure, it’s just $2, but a few dollars here, a few there… in the end I’m actually SPAVING.

Spaving = Spending to save, like when you see something on sale and you think “I’m saving money if I buy more!”

In the end, you’re just spending extra money for something you don’t need.

If I can just recognize the instinct to want more for cheaper, I can learn how to control my impulse buying and over-purchasing just because it’s a better deal or it’s on sale.

I just need to recognize that I should only buy what I need and can use, and to not buy more just because I can.


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