The Hidden Costs of Having Stuff

… go far beyond just the price of the items.

We also have to deal with the consequences of having stuff.

We have to:

  • Move it out of the way
  • Clean it when it gets dirty
  • Organize it so it looks clean
  • Carry it with us
  • Travel with it
  • Work to pay for it
  • Store it in storage locations or in hidden parts of our homes
  • Repair it when it gets broken or ruined
  • Protect it from kids, pets and other sticky fingers
  • Get attached to it
  • Replace it when it gets broken
  • Try to find room for new stuff among our old stuff
  • Be careful with it on a regular basis
  • Go into debt for it
  • Record the transactions for it
  • Balance your accounts for it
  • Stress out over it
  • Feel emotionally overwhelmed with too much of it
  • Leave it for your family who will have to deal with it after death
  • Secure it, in fear of it getting stolen

Quite a list, wouldn’t you say?

All for stuff.

I am on board with having stuff as long as it brings some sort of meaning and use to your life, but don’t waste your breath, energy and life taking care of, and storing things that don’t matter.

About the Author

I'm a 20-something year old girl who lived out of a single suitcase in 2007, and now I'm living with less, but only with the best. You don't have to get rid of everything to become a minimalist! Minimalism can help simplify and organize your life, career, & physical surroundings. You can read more about me as a minimalist. Or come and visit my other blog Fabulously Broke in the City where I got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 gross/year.