The Art of Ironing

Seriously. It’s just a video with a Japanese guy ironing a shirt.

I can’t believe I watched it, and liked it.

All I can say is that it felt like I was watching a true master at work.

The samurai of ironing.

It sounds so stupid. Right?

If you want some sort of takeaway of why I shared this, it is this:

To take pride in everything you do, and do it well, even in the most mundane everyday tasks

That man has skill and pride in what he does. It’s clear. And he takes it seriously. I’d hire him in a heartbeat for anything, knowing he’ll try his very best.

It even made me want to practice ironing BF’s shirts better (he hates to iron and I like it, so he cooks and I iron 🙂 ).

I am impressed by how every move is so properly calculated, natural, sharp and en pointe.

I must sound totally crazy for being so interested in a video about IRONING A SHIRT.

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