Minimalist Shoes and Sneakers

I did a post on a Minimalist Shoe Wardrobe, but I thought it’d be fun to do a round-up of all the Minimalist Shoes that are available out there.

Needless to say, these wouldn’t fly in colder temperatures, especially in winter.

Minimalist Shoe #1: Vibram Five-Fingers ($75)

I know people who swear by these ugly things. I’ve even considered getting a pair just to see how they feel, but I just haven’t gotten around to even trying them on.

I don’t actually enjoy wearing socks at all, so the idea of individual socks for each of my toes sounds good but would take some getting used to, I’m sure.

Minimalist Shoe #2: Foot Stickers (Concept)

It’s a concept developed by Frieke Severs.

The Footsticker is a flexible plastic membrane that sticks to your skin like a second skin. There are three designs, each conceived for a different activity. The cream-colored yoga skins, for example, offer high-grip protection for the heel, big-toe and the pad immediately behind the big toe. (Source)

Minimalist Shoe #3: Make your own Huaraches ($5 – $50)

Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run talks about the Mexican Tarahumaras who run a lot with no modern day injuries from your average runner. They typically run barefoot or in huaraches, thin sandals often made from discarded tires.

You can buy custom made ones for $50 from Invisible shoes or forget buying a pair, make your own Huaraches with a rubber car mat and parachute cord.

Minimalist Shoe #4: Go barefoot but wear a string

If you don’t care about protection for your soles, go barefoot but wear a string so people don’t think twice.

When they take a look, they’ll realize something is wrong but just tying a string around your ankle and toe will deflect 99% of them from getting too curious.

Minimalist Shoe #5: TerraPlana Vivo Barefoot ($160)

The ladies Evo is designed to be the ultimate minimalist running shoe. The Evo is like running barefoot, but a little bit better.

  • Collar/Panel & Lining: Eco Nylon Mesh & Microfiber
  • Insoles: Poliyou – 100% Recycled Memory Foam
  • Sole: Performance Sole – Latex rubber and TPU abrasion resistant sole.
  • Sole Thickness: 4 mm
  • Vegan: 100% Vegan

Minimalist Shoe #6: Feelmax Tieva (€39.90)

Minimalist Shoe #7: Sockwa Naked Dojo ($30)

An indoor shoe.

Ideal for Pilates, Yoga and Martial Arts.

A true indoor second skin.

A low-cut, breathable upper fuses with 0.5mm of silicone rubber printed on the bottom of a neoprene sole.  The scoop-top design allows for increased flexibility.

Less is truly more with the Sockwa Dojo.  Neoprene provides the stretch, fleece provides the sock-like feel, sandwich mesh provides the breathability, and the suede-like amarra provides a fashionable, stylistic flare.

Have you tried any one of these minimalist shoes?

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