The Minimalist Wallet Series: Raam Dev from Raam Dev

What is in Raam Dev’s Bag

  1. Apple MacBook Pro + Charger
  2. Apple iPhone + Charger
  3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 Digital Camera + Charger + Extra battery
  4. Apple Magic Mouse
  5. Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive + USB Cable
  6. Nokia Mobile Phone + Charger
  7. Earbuds + 16GB Thumbdrive + Mobile Data Card
  8. Travel Adapter
  9. North Face Trousers
  10. Prana Trousers
  11. North Face T-Shirt
  12. Jack Wolfskin Shirt
  13. 2 x Eastern Mountain Sports Boxers
  14. Wool Socks (1 pair)
  15. Vibram FiveFingers Sprint
  16. North Face Hiking Shoes
  17. Moleskin Notebook + Pencil
  18. Medical Kit
  19. Hygiene Kit (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tongue Cleaner, Floss)
  20. Survival Kit (Firestarter, Compass/Whistle/Thermometer, Headlamp, Twine)
  21. Water Bottle
  22. Travel Towel
  23. 3 x Dry Bags + Backpack Dry Cover
  24. Misc Travel Documents (Passport, License, Cash, Credit Cards, printed airplane ticket confirmations, etc.)
  25. Crumpler Customary Barge 30L Backpack

A little about Raam Dev

Serena: Today is his birthday. Happy birthday Raam! 🙂 This was a perfectly timed post then.

I grew up in a small rural town about forty miles north of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

Before I was born, my parents adopted a combination of Buddhist and Hindu teachings and my childhood was very much oriented towards the ancient Indian culture. My name is of Indian origin but I’m not Indian.

In early 2010, I sold nearly all my possessions and left a decade-long career in the IT industry to pursue a childhood dream of traveling the world. I arrived in south India just one month shy of my 28th birthday with $1,500 to my name and one bag on my back.

The plan was to live in a foreign country for six months on a monthly budget of $250 and to give myself time to discover who I was and what I wanted from life. I had no idea how profoundly that trip would change my sense of purpose and direction.

Instead of discovering myself, I discovered an entire planet that needed my help. I met so many people who desperately needed someone who cared, someone who was willing to do whatever it took to help them. I evolved and grew as human being.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world but in being able to remake ourselves.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The following series of posts will better explain the impact this trip had on me from my blog Raam Dev:

I’m now focusing on developing a small online business that will allow me to continue traveling while simultaneously creating value and giving back to the global community.


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