A Minimalist’s Pantry and Stock of Food

All right, so you saw my kitchen pots and pans, now it’s time for the pantry!

To jog your memory, this is what I posted as the first picture.

Note that I eat a LOT of rice, we have the basic salt, pepper, olive oil and soy sauce I need to refill.

Anything that is too small to read can be clicked on for a larger image

This is what is in the back box, closest to the wall.

This is in the cupboard above the stove.

We buy a lot of things in bulk. I got those cans of tomatoes for free because I used President’s Choice (PC) points (in Canada) to pay for it all, so the cost to us was $0.

(We bought 8 cans in total at $2 each and some yoghurt)

BF makes a killer set of French fries with those potatoes. He boils them and then fries them. SO GOOD.

We also (and by we I mean HE) plans the stock for how long we are staying in a place. Since we’re here for about a month and a half more, we buy just enough stock for that period of time so that we don’t have to tote food and stock all around the country.

Okay so this is another cupboard (there’s a lot of unused space in this kitchen. We could do with half the cabinets).

We like to eat pasta, make desserts like pies and biscotti, make pizza, bake cookies.. you name it. We have basic things on hand for seasoning and spices, and most of our meals use pretty much all that we have.

For things like barbecue, we actually don’t put BBQ sauce on anything. I do find it a bit sweet for my tastes, and BF hates prepared sauces. We put salt, pepper, some cumin and eat it like that. Grilled zucchini in particular, is AMAZING when you get a nice char on it.

This is just beside the microwave.

(Yes, we have a portable mini microwave as well, but it’s packed away.)

Oats, sugar and honey.

So that’s it! Our pantry of stock for when we travel. We don’t need much, but we’ve made some specialty items over the year including pizza from scratch, crepes, biscotti, tarte tatin aux pommes, chicken marengo, hummus with homemade pita bread, cakes, cookies, french fries from “scratch”, deep fried [anything], stirfries… the list goes on.

Whatever we want to cook, we make do with what we have and try to figure out a way to make it happen.

It’s really surprising what we can cook with just what we have.

We don’t always need the specialty pans to make what we want, like crepes. We can do it on the back of a saucepan.

(P.S. Homemade pizza is just not as perfect without a pizza stone. I highly recommend buying one if you are into making homemade pizza)

Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Any other minimalist home/life requests? 🙂

Note: I am blogging about what I’m bringing to Asia for a month and a half coming up in January 2011 to have everything fit into ONE carry-on, so stay tuned!

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