Why are people in such a rush?

People are in such a rush these days:

….. they turn left when the light is red on a one-way street

Isn’t that illegal? I was always taught that left turns on the red = NO NO (as is the usage of words “No No” together in English)

….. they speed up to a red light

….. they cut me off only to end up behind me when they do their little lane switching, Grand Prix BS

….. they get mad when you go the speed limit or just a little above

….. they speed up behind you, switch lanes, then switch back over in front of you to cut you off… only to exit at the same exit you were going to, 1 km away

…. they go 30 km/h over the speed limit and then are confused when a cop pulls them over

Maybe if they…

… left earlier, they wouldn’t have this problem

Maybe it’s because I grew up taking the bus for most of my life.

I’ve only recently, within the past 2 years, gotten my license and a car, but I am conditioned to be patient, early and to wait because a bus runs on its own schedule, not yours.

This means I leave extra early before I am due to arrive (also part of my AOTD — Always-On-Time Disorder) and as a result, I am never in a rush, but usually 10 – 30 minutes early.

…. slowed down, they wouldn’t have so many tickets

…. or get into accidents

… or kill people because they’re speeding like maniacs

… or tailgating people and not leaving enough space in between each car

… or have so heart attacks, stress, anxiety and bursts of panic

…. or be in such bad moods all the time

Just the other morning, someone tailgated me all the way to a stop light, then sped up and cut me off when he (yes it was a HE) had a parked car in his lane.

Then he switched back.

At the end of it all, he had to come back over into my lane behind me because he needed to turn right.

All at 6 a.m. in the morning.

Why can’t they just calm down?

What is up with these crazy drivers?

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