Are Americans Downsizing? The Culture of Clutter and Statistics

  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK is seeing a rise in business of people who are just trying to downsize and get rid of their stuff
  • 65% more people use self-storage now than in 1995
  • Average new homes today are now approximately 1000 square feet larger than in 1970

Video: Clutter Control – How to declutter your closet

  • In 2009 American Women spent $104.6 billion dollars on clothing
  • A movement is starting to wear 6 items or less which is a global effort to simplify (EEEK! Count me out!)

Extra Reading:

Bling is cheap. Essentials like pensions, health care, college and housing may cost more, but there’s no question that our homes are bigger than the ones we grew up in and we have lots more stuff — much of it cheap imports, computers, cell phones, entertainment equipment, toys, clothes, shoes, cars and household goods.

“Our gadgets give us the illusion of plenty,” Russell writes in her monthly newsletter.

“They have lulled us into accepting a lower standard of living without asking why or demanding that policymakers do something to counteract the downward trend.”

This post all started with these two wonderful links emailed in by Tim and the Wharton study tipoff by Minimalist Mom Thank you!!! 🙂

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