50 Items We Don’t Own

Note: This is not a post or a competition to brag about how little we own. It’s just a simple list of what we don’t seem to need for on a daily basis.

Coming up with 50 items was a challenge!

I even thought about making the list 20 or 30 items we didn’t own that could be found in almost every regular home. 😛

To be fair, I did group some items together under the same line item.

1. Television — Been without one since 2007

2. DVD Player — Our laptops are our DVD players; the Mac is fabulous for watching videos because the sound & quality is far superior to my Dell PC

3. Sofa/Couch — Been without one since 2008. Our futon is our “couch”.

4. Ottoman — Goes with the Sofa… and if we’re lounging on our “couch”, our legs are already laying flat

5. End Table — Another requirement if you have a sofa

6. Coffee Table — And another item we don’t need because we don’t have a couch

7. Bookshelf –– I chopped out 98% of my books & kept the rest stacked against the wall beside the bed (mostly Language learning books)

8. Magazine rack — I read online content, and so does BF; magazines regurgitate

9. Lamps — Natural light from our apartment is more than enough

10. Rugs — I’m very clumsy as is. I don’t need a rug to plot my demise.

11. House Clock — I use my oven, travel alarm clock, cellphone, laptop, watch or BF 😛

12. Extra Pillows for Decor — We have just our pillows for the bed (2 each)

13. Art on our walls — Bare & simple does it for us. I would like my mom to paint something for us one day.

14. Picture Frames — All the ones I’ve owned, have died a crashing death from my clumsy hands

15. Nightstand — Our floor is our nightstand

16. Dresser or cupboards — It’s all hung up or folded on a shelf

17. Desk — BF and I work in bed (lying down, legs propped up) and I also use the dining room table

18. Paper Calendar — BF is on a no-paper kick & I have calendars on ALL my devices

19. Desktop & Monitor — Laptops are really the most mobile & versatile

20. Single-Use Kitchen Items — Butter dishes, gravy boats, Serving Platters, Cookie Jars, Wine glasses and so on

21. Coffee/Espresso Maker — BF likes coffee, but he drinks it at work, and I am strictly a tea lover

22. Crock Pot — I never found a use for it, even though it’s so easy to leave the food in there and come back 8 hours later to a cooked meal

23. Tablecloth — We used to own one until we realized a wooden dining table was much nicer

24. Exercise machines — We have a yoga mat, and we have real bikes to bike outside

25. Holiday decorations — We don’t have ANY kind of Christmas tree, decorations or holiday stuff because the whole city decorates enough for us to admire

26. Board games/Decks of Cards — BF hates board games, and I love them, so I play virtual games instead

26. Video game systems — I liked the Wii, but it’s hard to use one without a TV, and I wouldn’t really play with it enough to justify its use

27. Hair dryer/Curling Iron/Straightener — Au naturel because my hair is really low maintenance

28. Fans of any kind — We open windows or if it gets really bad, I make BF fan me with a thick piece of paper, then I reciprocate

29. De-/Humidifier — Could be useful, but all the ones on the market are ultimately too bulky

30. Vacuum cleaner — We use the broom now

31. Phone Book — I haven’t had one since…. I was 17 and living at home.

32. Debt — We’re both debt free, completely.. him longer than I.

33. Liquid Paper White Out — BF is on a no-paper kick, and I just cross it out & write below the line

34. Filing cabinet — I have a 13-compartment folder where I organize everything by envelopes and clear sheets so I can reach everything easily in one shot; everything else, all 60 pounds of paper, has been digitized and backed up to kingdom come

35. Candles/Knicknacks/Decorations — I would probably end up breaking them or sitting on them (no lie, I broke my last pair of glasses that way)

36. Stereo system/CD Player — We have a pair of speakers and iPods.

37. Kettle — We boil our water in the microwave or on the stove.

38. Ice-cream/Yoghurt/Bread Makers — We just buy it, or we make our own bread by hand. We tried my mom’s breadmaker and loved it though!

39. Plants — If I can’t eat them, I am not interested. (What? It’s true.)

40. Curtains or Blinds — Exception: if they come with the apartment, we have them without a choice, but we always have them open.

41. Dryer — After jerryrigging a clothesline in our apartment, I dry everything inside, on the line.

42. Printer stand & separate scanner/other devices — We have an All-in-One that sits on our dining room table.

43. Commercial household cleaners — Baking soda, white vinegar, soap and water does wonders to replace all those scented creams & sprays.

44. Reference books — Dictionaries, Thesauruses are all to be found online.

45. Shelving — We used to have one shelving system, but we’ve since given it to my parents, and learned how to make do with what we’re given in an apartment (mostly with boxes).

46. Home Telephone — We have one cellphone to share between us & Skype for video calls.

47. Bed frame, headboard & Boxspring — We sleep on a simple Japanese futon on the floor. You can buy a Japanese futon here.

48. Full-length mirrors — I have the bathroom mirror & my Photo Booth application on my Mac to check my outfits if I want to.

49. Dishwasher — We don’t own one but we love it when a hotel or apartment has one ;P

50. Gardening/Major Tools — We rent. We have basic screwdrivers & such, but nothing beyond a small box.

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