Being an ethical consumer

And by consumer, I don’t mean just by goods, but specifically what we choose to eat.

I am going to say right now, that I will never be a full vegetarian, and never a vegan or a freegan.

I am just too used to eating meat.

That is not to say that I will never eat vegetarian meals on occasion, but I just couldn’t change my lifestyle to become vegetarian unless I had to (in times of war  for example).

As for being vegan, I love cheese, honey, milk and eggs way too much to consider giving it up.

(Yes I’ve tried. I tried going on a vegan diet, a vegetarian one and a raw one, and so has BF).

The thought of it makes me very sad, but I always say to myself:

But it is there to be eaten!

And since I know what it tastes like, and now I crave it.

If I had never tasted Morbier cheese (pictured below).. I’d never know just how good it is by itself on a homemade pizza.

For me, it continually brings up this question:

If I eat meat, can I still be considered a very eco-friendly person?

See, many vegetarians and vegans call themselves eco-consumers, or ethical consumers.

I think what they’re doing is incredible, mostly because I am marveling at giving up bacon!

They’re really trying to change every part of their life to be green, and to be honest, it makes me a feel a bit intimidated at how I seem to be so unwilling to budge on giving up meat.

It’s like telling the world: “Yes I COULD do it for the Earth, but I am such a selfish self-serving foodie, I won’t!

It makes me feel like I’m driving a gas guzzling Hummer (not that the brand exists any longer) and everyone else is being uber green and proud with their Priuses.

See, I think of myself as being a pretty green person in general, but clearly, I am not as green as I could be.

As an example, I’ve given up every sort of paper for the home except for toilet paper (it’s the last frontier!), and I try to make the best choices when I buy items (checking where it’s grown, not buying certain chemicals, etc).

I also don’t eat endangered fish such as Chilean Sea Bass.


It’s not like I can’t live without meat, it’s just that I really love eating it.

But I am torn between what I would consider the very right thing to do (cut out meat altogether), and the thing I love to do (eat meat and seafood).

I just wonder if I’m doing enough.

I should note that what I do is buy and eat organic & ethically raised meats — but even that, I must admit, is for selfish reasons because they taste the best.

It’s true: a Cost-Co chicken tastes nothing like a farm-raised, organic one.

When I tried going vegetarian/vegan/raw, we did it because the good stuff (the good organic meats) just wasn’t on the market any longer and it wasn’t really because we wanted to be eco-friendly.

And I didn’t last very long.

So this is what I’m struggling with as a decision at the moment.

Perhaps a balance is in order, where I’ll try to eat as many vegetarian meals as possible, maybe once a week… and just stop feeling guilty about loving bacon.

What I DO, do

  • Eat meatless 2-3 times a week
  • Enjoy meals that are vegan/vegetarian/raw (miso paste to make a quick soup? godsend!)
  • Watch my meat consumption (it’s been cut WAY back)
  • Loving new recipes from meatless bloggers, such as how to make a perfect hummus

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