What’s in your linen closet?

When I was younger, all I could dream about was perfectly matching sheets, dust ruffles (really!) and pillowcases.

See, I grew up in a family where nothing was tossed, and over the years as sheets tore and cases ripped, all we had were mis-matched sets of sheets!!

Now that I’m older and I daresay a bit more practical, I am less obsessed with matching everything, and my home and bed is not really on display.


1. Two bath-sized towels each

Come to think of it, I don’t even really need the two towels for myself.

We just use one during the week, and when I do laundry weekly, the towels get tossed in there if they’re smelly. I’ve never felt the need to use two towels in one week.

I do keep an extra towel around for the rare guest however.

2. We don’t keep any other towel sizes

We don’t have any of the following:

– Hand towels

– Face towels

– Decorative towels

I just no longer feel the need to match anything.

Besides, there’s no need to match anything, if you only have two bath towels each. ūüėõ

3. We have 1 set of bedsheets

When I do laundry, I just rip them off the bed, wash them, and put them back on immediately after they dry.

I haven’t felt the need to change the bedsheets twice in a week.

I’ve heard of winter and summer sheets, but we haven’t felt the need to buy specific sheets for each season – it doesn’t get THAT cold up here!

4. For the kitchen we have 4 kitchen towels and 3 napkins each

It’s all we need. 4 kitchen towels to wash in a week is a LOT of towels. It’s almost one a day.

I do find the urge to buy at least 3 more, only because BF tends to get quite messy in the kitchen and having an extra on hand for me to use when I cook would be useful.

As for napkins, we don’t buy tissue paper or paper towels, so we use napkins during the week.

Why only 3 instead of 7? Because sometimes I don’t even need to use one, and 3 seems to be the magic number.

5. We have 20 handkerchiefs to share between the two of us

More than enough to use 2 handkerchiefs a day (and then some!) before laundry day rolls around.

We don’t use or buy tissue papers any longer, so I have these handkerchiefs tucked in all the places I’d need them.


  • 4 bath towels (2 bath towels each)
  • 1 set of bedsheets
  • 4 kitchen towels
  • 6 napkins (3 napkins each)
  • 20 handkerchiefs (10 handkerchiefs each — more than we need)

What’s in your linen closet?

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