Considering the switch to a broom

I’ve been a vacuum user my entire life.

I think I only used a broom and dust pan, perhaps twice in my life.

It just seems so much more convenient to plug in something and just have it suck up all the dust and gross bits, instead of sweeping it up into the air all over the place.

But as I thought more about it, is it REALLY more convenient?



  • Convenient to just plug in and swipe over an area to get it perfectly clean
  • No need to sweep everything into a pile and then try to get that dust line cleared
  • Doesn’t kick up as much dust into the air as a broom (some aren’t so great!)
  • Saves time with how quick it gets everything
  • Works great on carpets


  • Have to plug it in (finding an outlet can be tricky, as the cord only goes so far)
  • Have to deal with the noise of it (even my Dyson was noisy)
  • Have to shake out the container if it gets full
  • Is kind of tricky to get up the stairs
  • Is tricky to get into the corners unless you switch the attachments every time
  • Uses electricity
  • Can sometimes kick up dust as a puff into the air as you’re vacuuming
  • Can be difficult and unwieldy to store (I had a slim Dyson, and it was cumbersome!)
  • Can be expensive & may have to be replaced every 10 years – $100 – $600
  • Some can be tricky to use (Dyson had a few design flaws) and some may be very heavy



  • Gets into every corner without changing attachments
  • Doesn’t need to be plugged in or to use electricity (works everywhere, at any time)
  • Cheap(er) than a Vacuum cleaner
  • Doesn’t need to be replaced unless the bristles really wear out (takes a long time)
  • Can be recycled depending on what type you buy (straw, plastic, etc)
  • Easily stored in a corner and is unobtrusive
  • The dirt and dust has to get cleared each time it’s being used
  • Very light and won’t strain your back to use it


  • Uses elbow grease
  • Takes more time to sweep into little piles and then do a final sweep
  • May not be strong enough to get ALL the bits of dust — just the major stuff
  • Doesn’t work on carpets

The Verdict?

For us, we’re going to switch to using a broom just to see what it’s like.

(And by we, I mean that I will be using the broom, as it’s my household chore)

We don’t really like staying in places with carpet (it’s our #1 cannot-have because of my allergies & just general dislike for carpets).

We also don’t stay in very huge apartments or homes that would require a lot of time and work just to sweep up one huge area.

Our studio took about 45 minutes to sweep, getting into every corner, and getting all the big bits.

I took about the same amount of time to vacuum because I’d have to drag out the vacuum, unpack it, attach the little vacuum head, find an outlet, and switch halfway through to a second outlet.

Then I have to switch the little attachments each time I wanted to get into a corner or tricky place, as the head would be too large.

Maybe we’ll just buy a little tiny hand-held vacuum for those tricky spots that a broom can’t seem to pick up.

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