Your things are just things; not you, people you love or your memories

I am not saying to stop loving what you own.

Or to stop wanting different pairs of boots in different styles, colours and heights.

I am just saying to stop being emotionally attached to items that in all reality, are not indicators of who you are and your life.

Your things are not who you are.

Your things are not your memories — take a picture of it and then donate it or give it away.

I’ve seen people cry over breaking a mug, and even while it might be your favourite mug, the first one you ever got from your dear Nana who is now deceased — your mug is not your Nana.

You are totally right to feel upset about breaking the mug as it was a sentimental item, but you can’t lose the memories just because of a broken thing.

A broken item.

See, these things escalate as well.

First, you break the mug. You’re upset.

Then you lash out to your husband or wife, who is confused about where the hostility is coming from.

Then you bring the negative energy to work, and by this time, you’ve infected everyone close to you, who is also upset because you’re upset.

Everyone’s blood pressure is up, they’re all hurt, confused and now you have to spend time apologizing.

All over a mug.

It’s a banal example, but a good one I think about to remind myself that even if I lose my most precious teddy bear in the world, it’s just a thing.

It isn’t who I am, and it isn’t me, my memories or anyone I love.

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