The Top 5 Kitchen Appliances I must have!

I thought it’d be a fun exercise to go over my top 5 kitchen appliances:


We have been living 6 months without a dishwasher, and we’ve already had 2 big fights over it, namely the amount of dishes that have to be done, with the amount of food we each cook.


When we cook, we use at least 2 pots or pans, a couple of bowls, plates… it’s a nightmare with all the chopping, straining and whatever else that comes with cooking almost everything from scratch.

A simple soup can take a whole sink, depending on whether I put chicken in it or not.


I eat about 3 cups of rice per day, at least one cup per meal.

I just love it. I love white rice, and no meal seems complete without it. Or at least some sort of starch like a pasta or potatoes.

At any rate, I don’t like babying my rice, and worrying if it’s going to burn or over cook, so the rice cooker is a must-have for me.

And that’s it!

I looked around our kitchen and we don’t own any other appliances that plug in.

We’re missing the dishwasher now, for sure… but we don’t have a blender, toaster oven, convection oven, or mixer.

Note: of course, for the HOME, we would have a washer at the very minimum.

We wouldn’t need a dryer, if I could do without.

I like letting my items dry naturally or on a clothesline.

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