The evolution of Crayola Crayons

I remember spending hours with these crayons.

I had the 64-pack of colours, and I drew and coloured every piece of paper in sight.

But let’s be honest, I did find a lot of similar colours in my 64-pack.

I am not sure more colours and more choice is what kids need.

I’m sure 20 is the maximum any child could use in any drawing.

I remember just giving up with my huge set of crayons and just grabbing any crayon to make shapes.

A cloud in pink? No problem. In yellow? Fine. A sun in green? Okay.

Brings up an interesting point about having too much choice, doesn’t it?

I wonder if having 100+ colours overwhelms children when they’re trying to choose what to use, and if it contributes to their behaviour later on in life — about wanting more choice, getting confused with what’s available and so on.

Via Weather Sealed. Big thanks to P for sharing it in my Google Reader.

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