2015 Review: Top 15 EM Posts

For the last 2015 post on Everyday Minimalist, I thought about doing a Review of The Year. I really enjoyed writing here for the whole year and wanted to thank you for being loyal to the site. Thank’s also to all those who have participated in it by commenting or sending me emails. I hope you all have a stunning 2016 filled with love, health, family, friends and a little minimalism too! 😉


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On A Personal Note

On a personal level, 2015 has been a fantastic year with lots of surprises. As I was planning on completing my first duathlon, I learned I was pregnant of our third child. Even though this little baby will come sooner than expected, I’m very happy it happened this way. In the end, all that counts is for the baby to be healthy and loved. You can count on me for the second part! 😉

I’m not sure if it’s the maturity that comes with the thirties or simply the prego hormones, but I’ve also been very touched by many topics this year. Migrants crisis is definitely one. I’m glad Canada’s government decided to welcome a few thousands. I hope they find security and happiness here.

Despite my pregnancy, it is also a year during which I’ve been very active. Actually, I don’t think I’ve never been such in good shape! My minimalist exercise plan done in the beginning of the year brought great results!

Last summer, I also learned that my sister and her family will leave for a one-year RV trip accross Canada, the United States and Central America. Their departure is set for June 2016. It has been hard on me at first to think we’d be countries appart for so long, but I’m now very happy for them and hope they enjoy every part of it. It also brought us the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and made us think about what is Hacking Life.

It’s never easy to learn that someone you love is sick. One of my close friend currently is. It frustrates me to notice how some people react to such news.

To resume, it has been a year during which I felt very rich for the simple and true things that I have. My kids have been among my preferred discussion and I’m very proud of them! We tried to introduce them to paying it forward and it worked pretty well! My oldest boy was so happy to give some of his toys to other kids! His generosity touched me a lot.


What About You? How Was Your Year?

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