Quote of the Month: Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela quote

Nelson Mandela is a great inspiration to me. I was born Catholic. Still consider myself to be. But I’ve rejected many prejudices that were – supposedly – part of my religion or culture or nationality.

I believe in the human. I admire human’s resilience and force to pull it through. To keep it up. To change the ugly into something beautiful. It exists. It’s all around us. But it’s sometimes easier to focus on the opposite. To judge, to hate, to discriminate.

I hope to inspire my kids with love. I hope I’ll succeed in teaching them tolerance, compassion and love. I hope they’ll see the difference as a mean to learn. It doesn’t mean to forget our roots, to accept everything. It simply means to treat others like you want to be treated.


What Comes Naturally For You? Love or Hate?

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