Quote of the Month: Some People are So Poor All They Have is Money

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-Patrick Meagher

I wanted to bring back the “Quotes of the Month” for some time, but always lacked time to really put myself into it. Time has now come! 😉 I thought this one was perfect for a minimalist blog and for the year that is ending.

For 2016, let me tell you that I’ll have much more than money! My baby girl will be born in early 2016. Our third child. I sure have less money since I’m a mom! My life has other priorities. Yet, I have never felt so rich.

In a way, this is what minimalism is all about too. It’s refusing to concentrate on money, on material, on owning. It’s about what matters in our life, what makes us truly happy, on a daily basis. Minimalism is finding wealth in everything, not only money.

I also can’t help thinking about some people around us who are very oriented towards money and their financial goals. Most of the highlights in their life are based on money or owning. It used to frustrate me to see them missing the point… The frustration has now turned into sadness. How sad it is to realize people close to you have so little in their life that all that matters is owning something new, bigger, better!

People who wakes up angry every morning used to annoy me. I now look at them with some pity. I mean, is this all you got, really? Is your life so poor that first thing you do in the morning is to get your negative attitude on?

I truly hope I’ll never be that unhappy. I better wake up with the sounds of my awaken children and thinking how lucky I am to be so rich!

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