5 Strategies to Cut down on Clutter

5 Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter

1) One-In One-Out Rule

This one has never worked with any success for me, but many swear by it.

Basically if you bring in a new pair of shoes into the home, an old pair of shoes has to make its way out the door in a donation box, or listed on eBay to be sold.

2) Stop accepting free stuff

Free doesn’t always mean good, no matter who it comes from.

Free is great when it’s something you could use (for me right now, a blender would be handy).

Free is not so great when it’s beer t-shirts being handed out to anyone who signs up for a credit card.

Now, when people offer me free samples or free products, I just assess if I could actually use the item and 80% of the time, I decline.

3) Label and group things

Labels are my friend. I label cables with little white stickers folded in half around the wire part, and a clear description written on it.

And I like to group activities into areas where I am able to reach everything at once instead of running all over the place looking for the pieces.

All reading material, HERE.

All jewelery, makeup and hair stuff, HERE.

All my hard drives and cables for electronics, HERE.

4) Stop buying on impulse if you can’t find something

More often than not, coming home with yet another Philips head screwdriver means that you are sure to find the other 4 hidden in various corners of your garage.

Try finding a substitute for what you need first, or try looking for that screwdriver you KNOW you have somewhere.

Labeling, organizing the tools into clear boxes, and putting them back in the same place each time is the key to buying on impulse when you are disorganized.

It takes a little work in this area however. You have to lay out everything you have, go through your entire garage and organize from the bottom up.

And then you have to keep up on it!!!

5) Remember to put things back to where they came from

Getting organized, and then going back to your “dump it all here” strategy is just wasted effort.

If you are someone who likes to dump things (I’m partly one), then maybe the strategy of creating an organized system around that is key.

So for example, when you come in through the door, you always put your keys, wallet and cellphone in a bowl set on the kitchen table.

Your items should never go anywhere else.

Keys never end up in the fridge, wallet never ends up in the bathroom and the cellphone is not buried under papers on your desk.

If you keep up on this small change in habit, it will soon enrich your life in ways you will not imagine… such as being able to find your keys at a moment’s notice. 🙂

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