Moving? A Great Excuse to Get Rid of Stuff

My family might be moving soon. My husband has been applying for full-time professor gigs, since he’s kind of tired of the whole adjunct thing. We don’t know if he’ll get anything right away, but it’s fairly safe to say that we could move anytime in the next 18 months or so.

There’s also a chance that we will have to move quickly — perhaps in a month — depending on whether or not any of the current applications pan out.

While this is an exciting time, I also realize that, for the first time in six years, we might be moving.

I hate moving.

But it might be a good excuse to get rid of more stuff. And I’d be ok with that.

But it might be a good excuse to get rid of more stuff. And I’d be ok with that. For stuff I’m not quite ready to trash or toss, I can rent a portable storage container from a moving company and use that until I figure out what to do with my stuff.

Do You Really Want to Take it With You?

We have a fairly modest home, and we don’t have a lot of stuff when you compare us with some others (but you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to others anyway), but there’s enough of it to be going on with.

While we have less stuff now than we did a year ago, thanks to de-cluttering efforts, we still have more stuff than I’m really happy with — and certain more stuff than I want to move.

So, while I’m not fond of the act of moving, I am kind of looking forward to going through our stuff and getting rid of some of it. I know my husband isn’t going to want to take everything. He hates moving even more than I do.

We will have to look through our things and decide whether or not it’s worth it to take it all with us. Do we want to pack it up and lug it halfway (or even all the way) across the country? Do we want to have to pay for a larger moving truck? And, on the other side, we’ll have to unload it all and find places to put it.

When you think of how much work goes into keeping your stuff as you move, it can be motivation to just get rid of it. That way, you won’t have to deal with it. And you can boost your efforts to live a little more minimally.

The challenge is making sure that you don’t replace later on down the road. If your goal is to reduce the amount of stuff you have overall, you don’t want to get rid of something only to buy the same thing on the other end. If you are going to get rid of something, make sure it’s something you don’t need.

Even though our moving adventure is far from certain right now, I’m already thinking of some tings that I could easily do without. After all, I haven’t looked at some of this stuff for six years; it was never unpacked to begin with. And, once I get rid of it, I’m not going to replace it. Even if we stay in the next location for even longer than we were here, I don’t want to accumulate stuff. We’ve been great about slowing the rate of accumulation, and moving will just give us a way to get rid of even more.

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