Working On My Bucket List.. What Is On Yours?

I’ve been meaning to write a full bucket list and still have a few more items I’d like to add on there. Here are of the main categories that I have so far:

  • Things to see or visit (cities, countries, etc)
  • Events to experience (shows, sporting events, etc)
  • Things I’d Like To Learn (languages, sports skills, etc)
  • Life goals (classic ones)

The easiest ones to add so far have been the things to see or visit. Some are lifelong dreams that I’ve had, others are dreams that my wife and I share. The other categories have taken a bit more time.

Why Am I Doing This Exercise?

I’m generally someone who like to look forward to future events, travels, etc. I like to work towards goals and I can’t think of a better way of working towards my lifelong goals than to try to define them on paper. Not only does it help me work towards those goals but it’s also an amazing way to get better appreciation of all of those bucket list items which I have already accomplished. It’s amazing to think that I’ve already been able to accomplish several bucket list items…!

I also was able to find a few very interesting bucket lists that might interest you:

Do You Have A Bucket List?

I’d love to hear from you, do you have your own bucket list? If so, what do you have on them? I’d love to look for more ideas before publishing my own!

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