5 Tips to Help You Stop Buying Stuff

Sometimes, it seems that buying stuff is a very really habit. You’re just in the habit of buying things, whether it’s for a collection, or you think you might need it later, or it’s on sale. Sometimes, you think that you need more stuff so that your wardrobe is properly matched. Whatever the reason, if you are in the habit of buying stuff, and you want to break that habit, here are 5 tips that can help you reduce what you buy:

stop buying stuff

1. Ask Yourself “Why?”

The first thing to do is ask yourself why you are buying something. Often, when we examine our motivations, we find them lacking. You need to have a better reason than “I want this” or “I like this” or “Maybe I’ll use it — someday.”

Really get down to it. Force yourself to ask why you want something, and make it a point to have a truly compelling reason before you buy.

2. Think About Where You Will Put It

Before you buy something, consider where it will go in your home. Will it contribute to clutter creep in your home? My husband and I have a rule for buying new things. We have to know exactly where it will go before we pull the trigger. If you don’t know where you will put something, chances are you shouldn’t buy it anyway. This means everything has a place. And if you do buy something that there isn’t room for, you need to think about getting rid of something to make room. Is it really worth getting rid of something else?

3. Impose a Waiting Period

Another strategy is to impose a waiting period on most of your purchases. This is a common strategy that requires you to wait anywhere between 15 and 30 days before you complete a purchase. If you manage to do without it, or if your desire for it wanes, in that time period, you don’t need to buy it. This is a good way to fight impulse shopping.

4. Use a List

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use a list when you’re shopping. This works for more than just your groceries. If you are shopping for clothes, think about what you actually need for your wardrobe. Then make a list: one pair of shoes, new slacks for work, three blouses. This works for almost anything, from shopping for gifts to buying furniture. Stick to your list, avoiding items that you haven’t planned to buy.

5. Go On a Spending Diet

You can also go on a spending diet. Vow to go the next month without buying anything unless it is an absolute need. You might be surprised at how little you spend, and how little you buy. This can be a good way to break your buying habit, since you are likely to feel good about your accomplishment. Once you’ve broken the habit, you will be more likely to carefully consider all of you purchases in the future. This can save you money, and even help you feel happier about your life.

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