3 Tips to Find Comfy Bras

When you look for underwear, it seems that you keep hitting the same dilemma. On one side, you could pick a bra that will make you look great and boost your confidence but will hurt or itch all day long. On the other, you can find a comfortable bra, but it will make you look like you are 80 years old. Isn’t there something in the middle? Here are a few tricks to find comfortable bras that will help you boost your confidence.

Ask for an Expert

Each woman is different and so is her body. You do not need the same bra your best friend does. Buying bras is an important decision since you will be wearing this piece of clothe up to 18 hours in a day. So spend time with a “bra expert” working at your local store. She will know a large variety of brands and types, and can give you some good tips. Most importantly, she receives comments (or complaints!) from many other women trying the very same bras. She will be able to guide you to the right type of bra according to your body.

Try different sizes from different brands

Another tip is to not get stuck to a specific size. Each brand makes their bras differently. Therefore, it’s like trying shoes, you don’t always have the same size.  You can also play around with the cup and band size. This is what we call “sister size”. 34C, 32D and 36B are considered “sister size” for example. Sometimes, you will feel more comfortable with one more than the other.

Read comments online

I know, if you are going to buy bras, you would rather try them first. That totally make sense. But if you want to cut down on the long hours of trying different brands and sizes, you check them out online. If you want to know if the latest Knix Bra is as comfortable as they claim on their website, why don’t you just pull out a quick search on Google? It will take you minutes to find out what other women think of this product. Read comments that are giving specifics and facts. Skip all the “most amazing bra ever” comments as they won’t help you making your mind.

Finally, did you know that…

The straps and band on your bras stretch out over time? Once you pick a brand you like, you can buy many of the same kind. While your bras may be very comfortable at first, they eventually will stretch out and they won’t feel the same anymore. It’s not because the brand isn’t good, it’s all about adjusting them regularly. Take good care of your bras by hand-washing them and air drying. They will last longer and you won’t feel the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on new ones again!

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