3 Good Reasons to Declutter Your House

Finding the motivation to declutter can be difficult. When things start piling up, it’s hard to know where to begin. Before I moved across the country, I had pretty much decluttered my home. Now that I live in an apartment, it’s a little easier to keep things clutter-free. Part of the reason for that is that our family got to start fresh. The other part is due to the fact that we have to be choosy about what we buy because there¬†just isn’t room. If we are serious about buying something, we have to declutter even more, and decide what we’ll get rid of.

If you are sitting on the fence about decluttering, and finding it difficult to get the motivation to declutter, here are 3 good reasons to get rid of some of your stuff:


1. Get a Feeling of Large Space

One of the best reasons to declutter is that you can open up your rooms and get a feeling that you are in a larger space. Most of us don’t like to feel cramped, and clutter can encourage a boxed-in feeling. This is because surfaces are taken up with things, and everywhere you look, you see that your surfaces are filled. There’s no place to put anything.

After decluttering, you’ll feel as though you have more space — because you will actually¬†have more space. Getting rid of clutter opens the room up more, and helps you feel as though you really do have extra space, and that can work wonders for your mental state, and help you feel better about your surroundings.

2. Less Time Cleaning (Or Just a Cleaner House)

Clutter tends to attract dust. You have a lot more to clean when you have clutter. Or, in some cases, you end up with an inability to effective clean, since the clutter gets in the way. Too much clutter, and you end up not moving something, and dust and dirt pile up. It takes longer, and is much harder, to clean a cluttered house. Once you get rid of some of the clutter, you find yourself with an easier job of cleaning, and you spend less time doing. Get rid of the clutter, and clean your home, and you will have fewer allergy problems, and likely see other benefits as well.

3. Fewer Distractions

You can increase your productivity when you declutter your home. You cut down on distractions when you have less to look at, and less to worry about. If you find yourself distracted by what’s around you, or hung up because you know that you should clean, it can help to declutter your home. There links to clutter and declining productivity, so cleaning up can boost your ability to get things done. Make it a point to start decluttering today, and you could automatically become more productive tomorrow.

There are lots of other good reasons to reduce your clutter, from health reasons to well being. What benefits have you seen when you take the time to declutter?

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