15 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Market Commodities



Twitter is one of the most exciting social media sites for traders today. Researchers are now studying the impact of tweets on the market commodities. Investors are constantly using these resources to make informed decisions. Twitter has made it much easier and faster to pass information, and investors are keen to capitalize. For the ardent CMC Markets follower, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best Twitter accounts to learn about market commodities.


  1. J.C Parets (@allstarcharts)


This Twitter account is managed by JC Parets, the Founder and President of Eagle Bay Capital, LLC. The main focus of this Twitter handle is macroeconomic news and changes in the global market. Besides, Parets also offers professional advice on currency, equity and commodity markets. This Twitter account can keep you in the loop about what’s happening in the market from time to time. But don’t take our word for it – the 32,000 + followers say it all.


  1. Catalyst Trader (@catalystrader)


This Twitter account focus on risk management and equity trading. Apart from offering valuable advice on macroeconomic movements in the financial services industry, this Twitter account also offers valuable trading advice to investors. With tens of thousands of tweets and frequent updates, this Twitter handle offers stock charting experience and unmatched educational resources.


  1. The_real_fly (@the_real_fly)


This Twitter handle is one of the most popular accounts on Twitter at the moment. It offers up-to-date resources on finance and market trends. Moreover, it also frequently posts articles about commodity trading, which can be greatly helpful to every trader.


  1. Wsjmarkets (@wsjmarkets)


This Twitter handle provides regular updates on the global financial market. The Wall Street Journal also provides company profiles, market analyses, and thorough economic assessments of global markets.


  1. Harmongreg (@harmongreg)


With 50,000+ followers, this Twitter handle is one of the most followed accounts on Twitter. Greg Harmon is a professional trader who works for presidium capital and provides a range of trading advice in group forums and social medial sites like Twitter. His account includes real time trading advice and opinions on the global financial markets and movements in particular markets.


  1. TraderStewie (@traderstewie)


Trader Stewie is managed by ArtOfTrading.net, a company with vast experience in the commodities market. This Twitter handle posts information on the current stock prices, trading movements and trading volume. Use this information to create company lists that you can study at your own time.


  1. Danzanger (@danzanger)


Get more information about trading chart analyses and take advantage of smart trading advice by following this Twitter handle. Dan Zanger is a popular swing trader who provides valuable trading advice, news and informative articles. Since all trading tips can be sufficiently explained in just 140 characters, many of his tweets link back to his website, ChartPattern.com where followers can find more information.


  1. Venture Beat (@venturebeat):


If you have an eye for the trending topics involving the big companies in the market, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, then this Twitter account is for you. In addition to sharing valuable information on the latest IPOs in the market, this account also provides information on innovations and other developments in the tech world.


  1. Fousalerts (@fousalerts)


If you like following stories on microeconomics and penny stocks, you will benefit greatly by following Fousalerts. This Twitter handle is filled with the latest trading info and news. Followers can get more learning resources via his premium subscription service.


  1. Bloombergnews (@bloombergnews)


Bloomberg focuses on financial news. As such, you can stay up to date on world markets, commodities and securities by following this Twitter handle. This feed provides real time news on market shifts, world events and economic trends.


  1. Peterlbrandt (@peterlbrandt)


If you want access to stock tips and advice on economic changes, be sure to follow Peterlbrandt. Peter’s tweets mainly focus on chart patterns, technical analysis and systematic methods of assessing markets and companies.


  1. Alphatrends (@alphatrends)


Increase your knowledge about the latest stock changes and factors that influence the global market index. Experienced investor and finance writer Brian Shannon uses this Twitter handle to share helpful information about big companies and large trends.


  1. Optionmonster (@Optionmonster)


If you want to learn more about investments and stock options, this Twitter handle is designed for you. Options analyst Jon Najarian offers stock tips, and market information on new developments. Get fresh info on which options are trending at the moment.


  1. Mark Lehman @markflowchatter)


Mark Lehman has over 20 years of experience in the commodities market and is widely known to release fresh stock market news before the mainstream media. He has an amazing ability of predicting events before they occur.


  1. CNBC (@cnbc)


If you already follow CNBC news, you should follow their Twitter account as well. CNBC news provides real time alerts on the stock market and the entire business world. In addition, they also share crucial info on economic trends and company profiles.

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