10 Days in a Carry-On

Great article from the New York Times on how this lovely flight attendant packs for 10 day trips.

I love it being shown in pictures.

I am definitely going to do something like this before packing for Europe for 6 weeks.

I promise 🙂

This is what she packs:

  • Three pairs of shorts
  • Three pairs of dress pants
  • One skirt
  • Three pairs of casual pants or jeans
  • Three nightgowns
  • Three bathing suits
  • One sarong
  • Three lightweight sweaters
  • Four dresses
  • 10 casual shirts
  • Six dress shirts
  • A clutch
  • Toiletries
  • Two pairs of shoes

She’ll wear the third pair of shoes, as well as jeans and a longer sweater.

Personally, I wouldn’t bring nightgowns, shorts or bathing suits, or as many casual shirts, but I’ll post my list and justifications for my lifestyle before Europe.

This is the way she manages to pack her suitcase carefully:

  • Roll up all of your clothing tightly and set it aside
  • Shoes should be packed around the sides
  • Softer clothing that is rolled up, goes on top
  • Harder clothing rolled up, is stacked on the bottom
  • Toiletries on top
  • Anything that is wrinkle-resistant can go around the edges

And she ends up with this:

Instead of this, with the traditional flat pack way with the SAME amount of stuff (incredible, huh?)

My own tip is I also have a purse I use — a larger one that I stick my liquid and gel toiletries so I can easily pull it out, stick it through security and then put it away.

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